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Davies’ global top-six ranked captive management business provides technical solutions to captives in Europe, the US, Latin America, Canada, Asia, Guernsey, Australasia, and the UK. Formed in Bermuda over 40 years ago, we have expanded to cover all US states and the Cayman Islands. Our team delivers full-service captive capabilities, including feasibility studies, incorporation services, reinsurance and insurance advice, complete ongoing management services, and exit solutions.


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Rent-a-captive refers to an arrangement in which a client sponsors (or rents) the capital of a registered insurer to underwrite an insurance business. No risk is retained in the rent-a-captive facility, and premiums, additional capital contributions, reinsurance, or letters of credit must fully collateralize all risks.

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Program Design

We have significant experience and expertise in the formation of captives. We design programs that provide the most cost-effective coverage for your insurance needs, considering the capital available and your appetite for risk. We provide independent and unbiased advice on the potential program, coordinate the consultants needed to perform the analysis, and submit the application to the relevant regulatory authority.

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Reinsurance Solutions

Through our regulated entity Quest Intermediaries (Bermuda) Limited, a Bermuda licensed broking company, we can access the Bermuda reinsurance market, which is among the top three reinsurance markets in the world along with London and the U.S. We also have a number of strategic alliances through brokers that give us access to all world markets.

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Nick Frost

President - Captive Management

Jeff Kenneson

President - Captive Management