Subrogation Management

Expert subrogation and recovery solutions

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Supporting Our Clients from Notification to Resolution

Our Subrogation Management provides a comprehensive suite of claim recovery services specifically tailored to all classes and entities within the insurance sector.

Following a referral to our platform of experts, we identify viable subrogation alternatives and assume the responsibility of conducting complete and thorough investigations to pursue the recovery from day 1 of notification.

Our sophisticated database also allows Davies to receive pertinent information such as contractual policies, correspondence and supporting evidence at the time of the referral and any future obligations of those involved, if applicable.

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Subrogation Management Brochure
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File Management, Settlement, and Recovery

To date, we have recovered over $125M for our risk-bearing clients. This figure includes recoveries for all classes of business, such as Accident & Health, Workers’  Compensation, Commercial Property, Homeowners, Commercial Auto, Automobile, Business Trucking, Motor Truck Cargo and other Property/Casualty coverages.

We understand just how important it is for our clients to recover money due and manage claims in a timely, efficient manner. Our subrogation experts take on the heavy lifting of file management, settlement, and recovery. You can focus on value-added activities knowing that our assertive, effective recovery efforts are underway.

Subrogation Management

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