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Treating Customers Fairly

Our reputation for delivering high quality claims services is the corner stone of our success.

We understand that the quality of our service has a direct impact on our client’s brand integrity.  By working in partnership with us you are ensuring your public image is in safe hands.  At every point in our business we actively measure our service and implement best practice.  

We employ the best people and empower them to deliver remarkable results.  We do this through our commitment to training and professional development.   Our employees have a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and at all times adhere to their individual service level agreements. 

Our advanced-technology service centre delivers consistently excellent customer service.  We have built quality into our claims system with individual client instructions embedded into our workflows.  We deliver first class management information and consistency in all communication with our clients and they’re policyholders.

We treat our customers fairly and at all times remain alert to their issues and concerns.  We act with empathy and manage expectations by ensuring that everyone involved in a claim is fully informed at all times. 

We are committed to delivering remarkable results and we never rest in our desire to improve the quality of our service.