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Acquired by the Davies Group in July 2016, SurveyorShip is the leading provider of Basic Hire Rate (“BHR”) evidence.

Our Basic Hire rate services include:

  • Small Claims Witness Statement
  • Fast/Multi Track Witness Statement
  • Addendums/Supplementary Witness Statements
  • Vehicle Storage Rates Witness Statement
  • Court Attendance
  • Seminars/Training
  • Consultancy
  • Audit
  • TrueRate™

We also offer numerous investigation and fraud based services.  We can thoroughly investigate aspects such as:

  • The issue of liability for an accident
  • Whether a credit hire vehicle was actually needed
  • The hire period
  • Whether a party is impecunious
  • Whether a purported storage facility actually exists
  • Staged/contrived collisions
  • Low velocity impact
  • Vehicle histories


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